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Company Profile

    Jozzon membrane technology co., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise professionally engaged in high-end original water treatment element manufacturing, liquid separation designing, water purification system integration ,which is also  the provider with the core technology of system design and optimum service .with the core technology of the reverse osmosis membrane element,and the full  automatic  production capacity.The production contains the reverse osmosis membrane element, nanofiltration membrane element,rolling ultra filter membrane element, hollow fiber ultra-filter membrane module etc. which has been widely applied to water purification, medical and pharmaceutical, municipal water, boiler feedwater, electron ultrapure water, material concentration separation and so on.

    As one of the less manufacturers of dry membrane elements all over the world, Jozzon has extended the range to high concentrated and pollution flow water with our own independent intellectual property right of  researching trash-penetrating-fluid membrane elements successfully, All that furthered the membrane elements extensive popularization and

    Jozzon company research and development team consists of more than 60% research staffs with Bachelor degree or above,covering three effective and professional research platforms of designing, process control and testing, which provides the powerful technical support for  sustainable innovation .