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Certification and Honor


July 23, 2012, the "anti-fouling polyamide composite reverse osmosis research" project of  Jozzon Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. had obtained the Shandong provincial technological Novelty search approval, the provincial science and technology Novelty; Meanwhile, the company also have four related patent reports about the reverse osmosis membrane.
July 29, 2012, Jozzon Membrane Technology Co., Ltd., have been certified by Shandong Province Science and Technology Department and granted the scientific and technological achievements appraisal certificate;
March 2013, Jozzon Membrane Technology Co.,was awarded the Labor Medal of Dongying City, Shandong Province, ;
August 20,2013, the JBW-4040, JBW-8040 of Jozzon Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. have been certified by the national sea water and brackish water quality supervision and monitoring center;
September 30, 2013, Jozzon Membrane Technology Co., Ltd , has been certified by Shandong Province Health Department and obtained Shandong province Health licensing certificate of the health and safety of drinking water.
October 2013, the company has won ISO9001: 2008 approval , obtained the certificate from CQC and was certified by the International Certification Network.