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  No system is lacking –Jozzon company held a general assembly in 2013  


       On, December 16, 2013Jozzon company held a general assembly meeting in the workshop
meeting hall.
       During the meeting ,the company's management department has given the answers about company system that was put forward since its establishment one by one.
      Recruitment, and the requirements of the relevant entry and departure formalities are in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, formulate and implement with the principle
      Two-way choice, respect each other;Leave and attendance system is to eliminate the phenomenon of some employees steal work leakage, prize
      With the excitation system, a lot of comfort to those who work hard colleagues and compensation;On a business trip, reception and communication, etc
     Processes and rules, let each business people clear their responsibility and authority, make the management of the company Specification, effectively put an end to all kinds of waste.
     For 8 s management and production strictly regulate the quality assessment methods, the raw material incoming inspection,
     Production process management, finished products testing, etc. And he made strict reiterated that ensures that every one of membrane element factory
     A stable performance, conform to the technical manuals of the membrane area, such as performance standards.
    No system is lacking, the perfection of the system to make the company for the development of a higher level, chapter nine membrane
   Will be under strict management to ensure product quality and delivery speed, effectively guarantee the customer interests.
    Jozzon membrane, your reliable choice, Jozzon ,for your dream
    Chapter nine, as you did not want to
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