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  Jozzon Membrane Technology Co., LTD —Technical seminar in Cixi  


       On January 8, 2014,  Jozzon membrane technology co., LTD held a "Jozzon membrane technology co., LTD Cixi technology seminar" in industrial and commercial city - Cixi known as"home appliances city" .Meeting held in Cixi in Zhongyi business hotel, many water purification machine manufacturers and OEM including Qinyuan, Dingan, Fountain,CKon etc. water purification attended the meeting,and we also have the Iranian friends who come from afar.


        At the start of the meeting, Jozzon membrane technology co., LTD., marketing director has carried on the Comprehensive enterprise introduction from four aspects including the company introduction ,project background, the build process of industrialization and application cases . Jozzon membrane technology co., LTD., affiliated to national space center, Chinese academy of sciences, is a professional high-tech enterprises engaged in water treatment devices, liquid separation, water purification system integration scheme design .Jozzon company with the cooperation platform of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Tianjin Polytechnic University etc.obtained the space level of quality certification, and participated in the national space station water cycle system project,which products undergo stringent testing conditions,Since operation in 2010,stable performance.
      Jozzon membrane technology co., domestic reverse osmosis membrane has entered into the market and running well, and we believe in the near future Jozzon membrane will lead domestic reverse osmosis membrane to a new high tide!
     doctors from R & D Technology Department respectively made detailed introduction for the company product performance and product selection .Jozzon membrane technology co., LTD. has the core technology of preparation of reverse osmosis membrane element, and the automatic production capability. The main technical characteristics and advantages of Jozzon products are as follows:
* The full series of dry membrane element
* whole aromatic cortex highly adhesive (high efficiency HCL technology, independent synthetic additives)
* whole Industrial series of pollution resistance composite layer
* whole industrial  series of membrane element with wide water flow channel
*  part of housing membrane series with pollution resistance composite layer

      At the same time, global one of the few no chlorinated post-treatment  process also reatly enhance 

the membrane stability and prolong the service life of the membrane. In the end, the customers 

consulted for the problems in the using process of membrane element  and the matters needing
attention, as well as the Jozzon membrane products selection ,Two PhDs also carried on the
detailed explanation and illustration.
                After the meeting, many manufacturers in collaboration with the head of our company for further discussion and reached a cooperation agreement.Jozzon membrane sincerely invite you to support our domestic reverse osmosis membrane, Jozzon membrane will be adhering to the
unity, innovation, fortitude and excellence of the enterprise purpose, to "clean the water" as the goal, building beautiful China!
     Jozzon, Done before you think!


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