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  Three Years Warranty Agreement of Jozzon Membrane Element  


ShandongJozzon Membrane Technology Co.,LTD offer the following quality assurance:
一、Technology and material guarantee
Membrane components purchased by the Company , under the proper use and maintenance conditions in accordance with the requirements of technical documentation, such as membrane components quality problems caused by manufacturing processes and materials ,the company will do 36 months guarantee obligations from the date of purchase products, and in accordance with the terms ,if the test showed that there are quality problems, the company will be responsible for repair or replacement.
二、Performance Guarantee
1.        According to Jozzon's specified test conditions of product samples , the membrane element has specified minimum yield and the lowest water desalination in accord with the indication of the sample.
2.        In the three years warranty period, the permeable salt rate shall not exceed 3 times of the specified value , and the minimum water rate will not less than 70% of the specified value.
3.        From the date of the first membrane element run or membrane element shipment after 6 months (the first time shall prevail), Jozzon companies ensure the performance of the membrane element in three years.
4.        Warranty Conditions
v Membrane element must be under the conditions of operation according to the technical manuals, design guidelines of Jozzon company , if you can't satisfy all the following requirements ,ShandongJozzon Membrane Technology Co.,LTD. Of the above three years warranty is invalid.
v The feed water into the Membrane element does not contain oil, grease, or other harmful to membrane components of organic and inorganic substances, excluding strong oxidant;
v Any membrane module should not be applied with negative pressure;
v Membrane module should be maintained under the condition of the recommended cleaning condition, and get rid of the contamination of particulate matter and sediment, suspended solid, or microbial.
v Design parameters of membrane system, the arrangement of membrane element, recovery, and instrument and other parts must conform to the requirements for reliable engineering;
v The buyer has the responsibility to provide customers with reasonable system operation and maintenance manuals, training of operators and managers, to ensure that the user has the ability to perform cleaning and some system under the emergency diagnosis and recovery;
Users must keep all the operation records of the membrane system from the start-up time , including troubleshooting, daily maintenance, etc., and sort the data in a standard format to analysis the cause of the problem,The claim for compensation should provide the operating record data to Shandong Jozzon Membrane Technology Co.,LTD. 
三、The Warranty Liability
1.        Within 90 days receiving the goods, membrane element can't work normally under the condition of the correct use , after the element was returned to the company, in addition to the freight rates and local labor, the company will be repaired or replaced free of charge.
2.        All return membrane element not caused by quality must be unused products, and maintain the original factory packaging, The membrane element does not accord with standard of the returned standard will be charged additional fees or rejected.
四、Warranty Statement
For a reason, incidental, special or malicious damage, or a third party not supporting membrane performance of the damage bringing accidents, economic loss etc, ShandongJozzon Membrane Technology Co.,LTD is not liable for any warranty.
五、Quality Assurance Ways
Repair &return test procedure can be divided into two ways: 1. ShandongJozzon Membrane Technology Co.,LTD. Company technical personnel on-site testing for the customer or client 2. Customer send back membrane element to ShandongJozzon Membrane Technology Co.,LTD for testing .
1. such as taking Jozzon’s technical personnel on-site testing way, the situation is :
Ø After testing, for indeed during the warranty period belongs to ShandongJozzon Membrane Technology Co.,LTD. Company membrane material and manufacturing process of problem, by ShandongJozzon Membrane Technology Co.,LTD., company afford all testing costs, customers can obtain compensation in accordance with the technical standards membrane element, freight borne by the ShandongJozzon Membrane Technology Co.,LTD. Company.
Ø After testing, in the warranty period , if the problem not caused by  membrane material and manufacturing process of ShandongJozzon Membrane Technology Co.,LTD, all testingand replacement cost of membrane element and the freightshall be borne by the customer.
Ø For membrane element beyond the warranty period, all testing shall be borne by the customer, the replacement cost of membrane element and the freight.
2. Such as taking customers send back to ShandongJozzon membrane element technology co., LTD for testing way,the situation is :
Ø Customer shall fill the repair&return registration form of the membrane element via E-mail or fax,and return to ShandongJozzonMembrane Technology Co., LTD.,after confirmed by the regional sales manager,the manager sends a fax to customer to return membrane element
Ø Returns the membrane element at the same time, according to the return of the program operation.
六、Return Policy
1.        Returns must gain acceptancefrom the technology department of ShandongJozzon Membrane Technology Co.,LTD.
2.        When the membrane elementreturned ,users need to assist the following provisions:
v Provide a detailed description of the failure of products;
v Provide alldata of returned membrane element(such as desalination rate, temperature, pressure, water salt concentration, product flow, etc.);
v To ensure that the membrane element put in sealed bag, and put into the cartons to avoid mechanical damage, moisture, sun protection at the same time;
3.        To avoid membrane element performance change caused by long storage time , the user should send membrane element back after getting the  return notice as soon as possible.
4.        If Jozzon membrane quality inspection departments found that return products have been damaged (including improper use, storage, transportation and transformation and modification without authorization caused the membrane element damage) , the company will not be responsible for return and shipped back to the user, the freight shall be borne by the user.
5.        All unused productsreturned to ShandongJozzon Membrane Technology Co.,LTD must be the original factory packaging.
6.        For membrane element during the warranty period, if the test results prove that the problem of membrane element is not caused by membrane materials or membrane production process, the user will bear all costs; If test results prove that the defect of membrane element is the membrane material or production reasons, ShandongJozzon Membrane Technology Co.,LTD will bear all costs, and compensation for the user in accordance with the technical standards membrane element.
7.        For membrane element beyond the warranty period, all expenses by the user.

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