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  Jozzon membrane technology co., LTD., won the special-class award in the first entrepreneurship competition of shandong province  


      On December 20, 2012, the first entrepreneurship competition ended successfully.Jozzon company won the most development potential entrepreneurial companies special award with the high-performance desalination project and the brackish water processing with reverse osmosis membrane industrialization project. Jozzon company won the top prize of 300000 yuan,  and become the biggest competition.
      The contest theme is "entrepreneurial buster, win in Qilu", which is organized by shandong province human resources and social security hall, jointly organized by shandong broadcast television.The contest is divided into 17 city-level conference, a regional college and a provincial division, setting special-class award of a total of four, the first prize in eight.
      The competition focuses on business work achievements in shandong province in recent years, in order to encourage and guide the university students, rural labor force, the town unemployment personnel, and more urban and rural workers for self-employment, to build a good business environment with the government support guide, leading technology innovation, industrial environment support, project capital docking  through training and selecting a group of innovative talents and business achievements, and help more workers reach their dreams.




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