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  Kenli county committee secretary Han Liixue visited shandong Jozzon membrane technology co., LTD  


    On February 1, 2013, Kenli county committee secretary, director of the standing committee of  people ’s congress of Kenli county Han Lixue and other county party members five people visit Jozzon membrane technology co., LTD., Jozzon company chairman, general manager, chief engineer accompanying inspection.
   Han Lixue went into production line to understand the production process of water treatment membrane, listening to the analysis of the company for water treatment and membrane industry, and the market advantage, technology research and development, the strategy development of high performance, brackish water desalination industrialization using reverse osmosis membrane project , and he encouraged everyone to pay special attention to the safety in production, improve the ability of technology innovation.
       Han Lixue fully affirmed Jozzon membrane technology co., LTD., in the planning of water treatment industry,.He requires Jozzon membrane technology co., LTD., not to develop the company itself,but also to constantly improve the industrial upgrading, strengthen water treatment industry, accelerates the localization process of membrane production, make a positive contribution for   environmental protection and ease domestic shortage of water resources.


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