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  Common Problems and Solutions  


I. How to choose a suitable products?
Shandong Jozzon Membrane Technolog Company has a rich technical support team,professionals will help you select the right products after you calling us.
In addition, users can log in the official website self-help choose membrane products according to your raw water quality and the various parameters and the water yield and water quality requirement.
The users already  familiar with Jozzon membrane products can click directly on Website to have  self-service options.
II. Suitable Environmental Conditions of Membrane Element Storage
Suitable temperature range of 0 ~ 45 ; Suggested that under the condition of room temperature 25 indoor storage, avoid direct sunlight.
III. Pressure and Temperature affect Water Rate
The higher the pressure, temperature, the higher the reverse osmosis membrane water rate, and vice versa. But should pay attention to the scope of membrane element under temperature and pressure.
Reverse osmosis pure has a characteristic that the actual reverse osmosis membrane water rate is affected by temperature changes greatly. Customers according to the local actual situation to choose, it is recommended to use 20 ~ 25 temperature range. Temperature correction factor as shown in table 1.1:
Adjusted flow = the measured flow by feed temperature corresponding correction coefficient (the data in the table above)                 After adjusting data flow = the measured flow by feed temperature corresponding correction coefficient (the data in the table above).
IV. Pressure and temperature on the desalting rate impact
The higher the temperature, desalination rate is lower.
Desalination rate  improves with the increase of the pressure increase, but when it is above a certain pressure, desalination rate will no longer increase, with some salt and water molecules through the reverse osmosis membrane.
Therefore we recommend using a relatively low temperature, high pressure, can guarantee high desalination rate and high water rate.
V. Why the pH value of reverse osmosis water production decrease?
In general, the water will dissolve a certain amount of carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide dissolved in the water after reaction with water, to form carbonic acid balance, the equation is as follows:
Due to the reverse osmosis membrane will not remove gas dissolved in the water, it can remove various ions, thus producing all kinds of ion concentration in water than water, while the concentration of carbon dioxide, so the reaction to the right, more hydrogen ions, the lower pH of water production.
VI. How do you know which film need to change?
Under normal circumstances, the membrane fouling can be achieved by reasonable cleaning solution, but if required cleaning frequency is higher, It need to check and optimize the pretreatment.
When the cleaning solution on membrane flux recovery is not obvious or  the desalination rate lower, reverse osmosis membrane element should be changed.
As a general rule,reverse osmosis system does not need to replace all completely membrane element, give priority to replace heavier polluted and deteriorated membrane.
VII.The preservation of the membrane element once opened
Membrane element was put into the equipment with low pressure inlet water to wet membrane for the first time , after wetting the membrane element can not be exposed to the air to avoid the oxidation or dry. It should be soaked in 1% food grade sodium bisulfite solution for long downtime. In winter,it can be added 10% propylene glycol as antifreeze.
The membrane element taking off the package should be soaked in 1% sodium bisulfite solution of food grade ,pure water is available for short-term storage .
VIII.How to choose the pore diameter of RO system security filter element?
In most cases, it is suggested to choose 5 microns filtration precision filter, but when colloid, high silicon content of the feed water, we recommend the smaller pore diameter filter.
The service life of membrane depends on the chemical stability of membrane, physical stability of components, washing ability, fill water, pretreatment, frequency of cleaning, operation management level, etc. According to the economic analysis it should be usually more than 5 years.
X. How to remove the chlorine in the water?
The optimization method is to add sodium bisulfite ,and other commonly used methods is the use of activated carbon adsorption, but it also caused to pulverize carbon at the same time. In some industrial applications using ammonium bisulfite for dechlorination.
XI. How to know whether the membrane has been polluted?
The following is a common symptom of pollution:
a.         Under standard pressure, water rate decline;
b.        In order to achieve standard water rate, it is necessary to improve the operation pressure;
c.         water pressure drop increases between water and concentrated
d.        The weight of the membrane element increase;
e.         Membrane desalination rate change obviously (increase or decrease);
f.         When components are taken from the pressure container, pour water on the membrane element into the water side of the stand, the water cannot flow through the membrane element, only from end face overflow (show that water flow completely blocked).
Note: Any other questions, please contact our Jozzon membrane technology support department: 15725184058, we will serve you wholeheartedly!
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